The Connecticut Supreme Court is now open and in session…

September brings with it the beginning of a new year at the Connecticut Supreme Court. It also marks the start of “Appellate Insights,” a blog by the Appellate Practice Group at Murtha Cullina. Our goal is to analyze and discuss civil appeals pending before the Connecticut Supreme Court and particularly those with issues of interest to the business community.

At the start of each month, we will provide a brief summary of the issues and cases that are scheduled to be argued during the month before the Connecticut Supreme Court. For the September term, those previews will be posted next week on Tuesday (September 6th) and Thursday (September 8th). The September term runs from September 12th – 23rd.

As the term proceeds, you will see regular updates on developments before the Supreme Court with an emphasis on those civil cases that could affect the business community. After the appeal has been argued, we will provide an analysis of the issues with insight into how the case could affect the practice of law and the business community in Connecticut.  When the decision is released, we will follow-up on our preview with a summary of the decision and the import of the case.

We hope that lawyers, businesses, journalists, and the general public will find Appellate Insights to be a useful resource for staying abreast of developments in Connecticut law. If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a line at

Happy Labor Day weekend and we will see you next week!